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Anchor your content
with pillar articles

Ever lived in a house without pillars? Didn’t think so. Pillar articles are long, exhaustive pieces of content that are (as the name suggests) an essential part of any content strategy that holds up against the test of time. Done well, they will demonstrate your authority in a particular subject-matter to both humans and search engines alike.

The center of any successful content marketing strategy.

Designed for SEO

When ranking pages, Google looks out for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Because they cover core topics related to your business comprehensively, pillar articles tend to rank well for short-tail keywords, driving more search traffic your way.

Well-loved by humans

Ever found yourself unable to find the information you need on page 1 of Google? Yeah, I hate it.

And as it turns out, so does Google.

When humans end up clicking on other search results when they are unable to find the answer to their query in your article, your search rankings are adversely affected.

Pillar articles ensure that humans are less likely to “pogostick” from your page.

A rising tide

…lifts all the boats right along with it.

Situated at the center of a topic cluster, the pillar article organizes and links related content on your website into an architecture that both Google and humans will love.

The result: more pages ranking better on Google, and happier potential customers.

What’s not to love?

Pillar articles we’ve written

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Publish pillar content like the best
in the business today.