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content marketing
in Southeast Asia

Rise started out as an internal newsletter within With Content.

In our efforts to codify content marketing best practices in a Southeast Asian context, we dug into the depths of our past wins and mistakes, and brought to the surface new insights and ideas.

Now, we’re sharing these new ways of thinking about content marketing with you.

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We will answer questions like:

  • Why does strategy sometimes feel like guesswork? Are there frameworks I can use to think more strategically as a marketer?
  • What’s a content audit and what’s the point of doing it?
  • I don’t want to overemphasize SEO in ideation as I want unique, differentiated content. What other types of data and narratives can I use to make a compelling case for my ideas?
  • What does a strategic editorial brief look like?

Join us as we raise the bar of content marketing in Southeast Asia together.

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