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Strategy Services

Say goodbye to bland,
generic content marketing.

Every brand, influencer, and friend is competing for the attention of your target audience. We’ll help you stand out.

We live in an age of content saturation.

The only way to cut through the noise? A content marketing strategy that gives your customers what they crave—solutions to real, human problems.

A pain point-centred approach to content strategy

A lot of B2B content is forgettable. Drowned out by the noise of companies pushing their goods with gimmicks. Diluted by self-serving messages and generic advice.

You need a way to entice your audience and keep them coming back.

How? Think of where your organization’s purpose and your customers’ pain points meet.

That common ground is where you’ll find your strategy.

Our special sauce: 3 core principles for pain point-centered content strategy.

01. Balance longevity with short-term impact

Vision can only be achieved with sustainable action. We believe strategy should balance long-term KPIs and short-term metrics.

What this means for With Content clients:

  • Track small and early wins with practical metrics
  • Stay focused on your long-term goals with content marketing priorities

02. Have tangible impact on real problems.

People’s problems take center stage—on and off the page. We recognize that both marketers and their customers have pain points, and that these problems affect both the business and the person doing the job.

What this means for With Content clients:

  • Know each content asset’s relevance to a specific pain point and value proposition
  • Offer opinions and solutions grounded in your customers’ reality and aspirations through empathetic content and research-backed strategy

03. Create content that sparks conversation.

You can’t influence those who forget you. People remember and share content that’s relevant, interesting and useful. To achieve this, you need to include authentic insights gained from expertise, experience, and execution.

What this means for With Content clients:

  • Have confidence in a With Content-crafted strategy that’s based on compelling narratives and our proven frameworks
  • Get ideas for content that balances depth and expertise with storytelling and design chops

With our new, bolder content plans, we’ve been able to scale content production with With Content's help, without compromising on its quality. Most importantly, they also contribute to our marketing dashboard numbers, generating traffic for our blog and higher rankings for a variety of long tail searches. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about content strategy!

Marta OlszewskaHead of Marketing, Piktochart

Flexible and transparent pricing


Minimum order of 20 credits.


From 120 credits.


From 500 credits.
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  • Competitor & landscape analysis
  • SEO & social media research
  • Strategy proposal (diagnosis + guiding policy)
  • Action Plan
  • Content audit
  • Competitor & landscape analysis
  • SEO research
  • Strategy proposal (diagnosis + guiding policy)
  • Action Plan
  • Content audit
  • Site audit (technical SEO)
  • SEO audit
  • Competitor & landscape analysis
  • Strategy proposal (diagnosis + guiding policy)
  • Action Plan

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