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This is your team With Content.

Connected regionally, rooted locally.

Long before a certain pandemic made remote working inevitable, With Content was a completely distributed team living in and living out the content life.

Every member of our team is plugged into their local tech ecosystem, and has years of experience working as journalists and marketers with companies across the region.

Even though we meet once a year – at our company retreat – our shared passion for technology and burning desire to help companies produce customer-winning content has helped us earn the trust of over 200 happy, contented clients.

And we’re only just beginning.

Account Director


Sam has been a writer and editor for more than a decade. With her culinary consultancy, marketing, and business background, she’s handled managing and producing different types of content for large corporations and publications in the Philippines and abroad. When not working, Sam enjoys traveling, sketching, reading, and creating stories with her son.
Head of Strategy


Before becoming a content marketer, Katrina spent years unearthing news stories and making print magazines. She also taught university courses in editorial management and helped launch a radio talk show. She's happiest when going for a swim, putting together a 3D puzzle, making sense of data, and spending time with her family and pets.
Managing Editor


Mike started his writing career as an advertising copywriter, and has since collected many content hats over the years. He's worked on projects covering the automotive, travel, hospitality, finance, consumer tech, and telecoms fields (among others). He's also edited online portals for Wyeth, Avida and Tripsavvy. His work has appeared in Smile (Cebu Pacific), Smart Parenting, FHM and Good Housekeeping.
Production Planning Manager


Toni is a writer and editor based in Manila, Philippines. She has written and curated content for print and digital media for the past decade, focusing on business, entrepreneurship, sustainability, and technology. She also bagged awards for her work in corporate and sustainability communications.
Senior Content Strategist


Before coming back to With Content, Nikki was an editor at VICE Asia for both culture and commercial content. She’s been writing for over ten years and editing half that time. It seems she hasn’t run out of things to say just yet.
Content Strategist


Words are Jolene’s lifeblood. As a professional writer, she’s produced content across the lifestyle spectrum and beyond, from cuisine to culture, tech to interior design.
Creative Designer


Aldrin is a graphic designer and illustrator with over 9 years of experience in the field. He has most experience in creating designs for social media, websites, and online publications. In his spare time, he makes whimsical illustrations about anything that tickles his imagination.
Sales Manager


Elwyn chanced upon content marketing and fell in love with storytelling. As someone who is selectively social, he spends a lot of time observing, reflecting, analysing, and of course, daydreaming. In between those moments, he enjoys listening to stories and sharing some of his own. While he's not CrossFitting, he's likely indulging in either craft beers or gins.
Managing Director


Having spent over 10 years working with companies that are producing some of the best content in the world, Daniel is determined to bring those standards to every tech company in Asia. He is happiest when cracking open a book (and an ice-cold beer) while lounging at a cafe.
Tanya Mariano
Content Writer


Over the years, Tanya has taken on various writing roles: government agency copywriter, travel and lifestyle writer, tech and business journalist, and content writer for brands. She has also done editorial and communications work for development, humanitarian, and other non-profit organizations. Survived grad school and now has a master's degree in Communication—and bags under her eyes—to show for it. Currently obsessed with live looping and posting calming nature videos on her Instagram page,
Operations Director


Jan lives and breathes design. In between painting, lettering and sewing, she also manages all things business development, admin, and finance at With Content. She's most contented with being a part of and growing communities (yes, including With Content).

Values we live by.

Agencies are known for long hours, penny-pinching, and their high-pressure environments. We actively strive to overturn this stereotype.

Instead, we’ve designed With Content to be a calm content marketing agency.

While we insist on maintaining high standards, we also know when to say, “good enough.” We opt for long-term sustainability over short-term gains. We optimize for people over profits.

We choose to be a calm content marketing agency that seeks balance and contentment in all we do – both at work and in life. Here’s how we do that.

We believe the world will be a better place if everyone brings their unique voice and strengths to the table – we strive to cultivate them. We bring our whole selves to work, but not at the expense of others, always communicating with kindness and assuming positive intent.

Instead of chasing unattainable perfection, we choose to focus instead on maintaining the highest standards in the areas that matter to us, our clients, and their audience. By doing so, we aim to be a key contributor to the leveling up of content marketing in Southeast Asia.

We take ownership of our work and consistently perform to the best of our abilities, secure in the knowledge that the person on the other side of the screen is doing the same.

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