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The best food blogs in Singapore

Ranked by humans. Based on credibility, readability, and depth. Updated as and when there are new submissions.

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Daniel’s love for food led to the birth of DanielFoodDiary, featuring food and dining experiences in Singapore and around the world.


Started in 2011, Six&Seven shares unbiased reviews on new food establishments and hole-in-the-walls.

Miss Tam Chiak

Maureen Ow founded one of the top food blogs in Singapore, with more than one million page views per month.


ieatishootipost is a blog on all things food, from where to eat to food recipes curated by Dr Leslie Tay.

The Ranting Panda

Behind The Ranting Panda are three foodies sharing food reviews and new happenings in Singapore, while juggling their full-time jobs.


With more than three million page views monthly, SethLui is a trusted online publication serving food, travel, and nightlife content for everyone.


Eatbook prides itself with undercover food reviews, written only by writers who have the ability to cook.

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow

Rubbish Eat Rubbish Grow started in 2010, delivering food writing with an honest and humorous tone.

The Ordinary Patrons

The Ordinary Patrons is a Singapore-based food blog that pens down dining experiences by ordinary patrons.


Ladyironchef has been dishing out food reviews since 2007, establishing itself as a trusting website for discerning readers.

The Halal Food Blog

Since 2012, The Halal Food Blog has been sharing the best halal food spots in Singapore.


Catherine Ling covers food and travel in Asia on her blog, Camemberu. She has also appeared on past TV food programs and written for media publications.

Ms Skinny Fat

The author behind Ms Skinny Fat features honest reviews only so readers need not waste their calories.

The Dead Cockroach

The Dead Cockroach has been around since 2003, from a personal diary to a blog reviewing the food scene in Singapore.

The Chosen Glutton

The Chosen Glutton aims to share the best food experiences, paired with stunning food photography for its readers.

SG Food on Foot

Derek started SG Food on Foot in 2010, with a main focus on F&B establishments that are easily accessible by public transport.

Bibik Gourmand

Evelyn Chen covers the food beat for various media publications. Bibik Gourmand first started out as her digital note-taking blog, now it is where she hosts all latest gourmet jaunts.

Food Gem

Rachel Chua shares her food reviews of the best establishments in Singapore on Food Gem.

SG Food Wanderers

Irene’s food blog has amassed readers from Singapore, Malaysia, and the US, as she shares her personal food reviews and experiences.

The Food Chapter

Phoebe shares her two burps worth of her tastings and travel experiences on The Food Chapter.

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