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The best health blogs in Singapore

Ranked by humans. Based on credibility, readability, and depth. Updated as and when there are new submissions.

The best blogs in Singapore

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Jal Yoga

Ready for a yoga challenge? Jal Yoga’s blog provides guides and suggestions to incorporate yoga into your daily routine, and improve flexibility and mental well-being.

Fit Singapore

Fit Singapore’s blog presents a detailed look at weight loss, nutrition, cardio, functional training, and performance. The blog is helpful for enthusiasts looking to dive deeper into health-related news.

Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh is obsessed with fitness, nutrition, and empowering oneself. She writes articles and creates workout videos to help people burn calories and reach their fitness aspirations.

Health Hub

Launched by the Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Board, Health Hub’s blog aims to promote healthy lifestyle habits and improve people’s health literacy.


Levitise’s blog focuses on health and wellness tips, helping people to manage and deal with everyday health issues.


DoctorxDentist is a content platform where contributing doctors answer readers’ questions, providing accessible medical advice and health information online.

Pacific Prime

Pacific Prime’s blog shares advice on health insurance, employee well-being, and other healthcare news.


Shape Singapore is a health and fitness magazine with a readership of 52,000. They write articles and guides about diet, exercise, nutrition, and wellness to help people achieve their healthy lifestyle goals.

Active Health

Launched by Sport Singapore, the Active Health blog delivers health content ranging from physical activity to sleep and screen time. It hopes to encourage readers to adopt an active and engaged lifestyle.


Miphidic is the brainchild of Dr Li Yang Hsu, a professor of Infectious Disease Medicine, who writes about communicable diseases, antibiotics, and public health matters.

YH Nutrition and Dietetics

The blog behind YH Nutrition and Dietetics is run by a health professional group, with insightful tips on nutrition and healthy recipes.

Cheryl Tay

Sports and fitness blogger Cheryl Tay writes about her fitness journey and shares personal health advice. She also writes about her other passions—like cars, motorsports, and photography—on her blog.

Fitness First Singapore

As an established gym and fitness company with an international audience, Fitness First Singapore’s blog delivers wide-ranging content topics from workouts for busy adults to motivation and wellness.

Momentum Lab

Pilates and fitness studio Momentum Lab runs a blog sharing health and nutritional advice to educate and guide readers on their fitness journey.

Team Juicy

Fitness and wellness bloggers, Karen and Rachel, created Team Juicy after meeting each other through Instagram. They hope to share their passion for healthy living and self-care through their blog.

Health Food Matters

Health Food Matters’ blog provides educational articles on medical conditions, such as diabetes, dementia, cancer, and common aging-associated illnesses.

The Nutrition Clinic

Created by a team of certified health professionals, The Nutrition Clinic’s blog shares weekly articles on nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle tips, and guilt-free food recipes.

Yoga Mala

If you’re looking for yoga and meditation tips, Yoga Mala has got you covered. Yoga Mala’s blog writes about healthy living and eating, and ways to help readers reduce stress.

UFIT Singapore

UFIT Singapore is the country’s largest independently owned fitness community. As an exercise and injury recovery hub, UFIT Singapore’s blog shares information on health, physiotherapy, and rehabilitation.

Core Collective

Core Collective is a collaborative centre for health professionals and enthusiasts. They provide fitness and wellness articles and advice for health professionals to better engage with their clients.

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