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Edtech Singapore: Everything You Need To Know

Edtech Singapore:

Everything you need to know (2023)

Edtech is one of the fast-growing tech industries in the world. Global edtech revenues are expected to grow to US$605 billion (S$828.8 billion) by 2027, according to research firm Research and Markets. Indian edtech company, Byju’s, leads the pack with over US$800 million (S$1.09 billion) raised in its last funding round.

In 2018, Singapore families spent a total of S$1.4 billion on private tuition and enrichment classes to help their kids gain a competitive advantage. 95% of Singaporeans own a smartphone, and eight- to 12-year olds spend an average of 35 hours per week in front of digital screens.

The widespread use of mobile phones presents edtech companies with business opportunities to cater to the growing demand for education in Singapore. Not to mention, edtech companies are playing an increasing role in ensuring the continuity of learning during this Covid-19 pandemic.

As Singapore aims to promote lifelong learning through its Smart Nation initiative, the adoption of edtech and online-based learning will only become more prevalent. An industry-led coalition, the Alliance for Action on EduTech, came up with four initiatives in 2021 to position Singapore as a global talent hub in the field: ZilLearn Skills, Agility Growth Index, and eduCLaaS Academy.

As Singapore’s edtech landscape continues to mature, we’ll keep this page updated with the latest edtech news, reports, and resources.

What is Edtech?

Edtech (or Edutech) stands for education technology. Edtech refers to the use of technological tools and processes to facilitate and enhance learning experiences.

Though still in the early stages of development, edtech has moved beyond teacher-led learning and massively open online courses (MOOC). Today’s edtech companies offer:

  • Personalized learning solutions
  • Gamification
  • Learner data analysis
  • Social learning

The shift towards a data-driven education strategy provides a flexible option for students to learn at their own pace, and develop their abilities outside the traditional classroom setting.

Edtech in Singapore: A World of Opportunities

  • In 2019, EduSpaze became Singapore’s first edtech-specific accelerator to offer mentorship, network opportunities with experts and potential investors, and up to S$500,000 to help early-stage edtech startups grow in the market [Source]
  • Lithan Hall Academy launched a two-phase edtech accelerator program to provide applied education training and business development support to advance the commercialization of new edtech companies [Source]
  • EduTECH Asia and Edtech Asia Summit are annual education conferences that allow edtech companies to connect with international stakeholders and co-create with like-minded entrepreneurs in the edtech industry [Source]
  • Established institutions, such as National University of Singapore (NUS) and Agency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR), give edtech startups access to grants and resources to enable them to collaborate and develop their product and business models [Source]
  • As part of the Smart Nation initiative, the Singapore government is seeking to integrate edtech into classrooms to encourage self-directed learning, promote collaboration, and improve the students’ creativity and digital capabilities [Source]

Notable Edtech Companies and Startups in Singapore


Cialfo is an application management and tracking solution for colleges. It offers various features—which include academic profiling, personalized college recommendation, track completion, and insight reports—to help Singaporean students secure places at overseas universities.


Geniebook is a digital learning platform provider for students. It identifies individual student’s strengths and weaknesses, and generates personalized worksheets and progress reports to improve learning speed and efficiency.


The application of edtech is not restricted to school-going kids. Gnowbe is an app-based service that enables working personnel to update their skills through short videos. Users can engage in group discussions, and use games and other engaging content to learn during the process.


Kalpha is a mobile app that connects people and encourages one-on-one meetups to learn and share skills, knowledge, and experiences. It was awarded the SG Founder’s Grant by ESG and secured a significant investment from venture capital, Nest Tech, to expand its business.


LingoAce is an online language learning platform that aims to make learning Chinese fun and flexible. It has recently acquired US$7 million (S$9.64 million) in funding from Shunwei Capital to extend its operations in Southeast Asia.


Miao is an app that uses blockchain technology and AI-powered chatbots to help students solve math questions. The platform will also suggest similar questions that the student can practice on to improve their understanding of math concepts.


Snapask applies machine learning and mobile cloud services to make education more effective, personalized, and accessible. Today, Snapask is operating in eight countries with 300 million users, and they have recently secured a US$35 million (S$48.2 million) fund from investors in Southeast Asia.


Teamie is a cloud-based platform that provides schools and enterprises with a platform to share online quizzes, grade-books, and educational content. It creates a structured social network among students, teachers, and parents to make learning engaging and collaborative.


Tueetor is a discovery platform that connects learners with tutors and enables students to find teachers based on specific requirements, such as subject, qualification, budget, and location. In 2016, the edtech startup procured US$1.48 million (S$2.04 million) in investment to expand the platform.


XSEED provides a research-based academic program that combines teacher training and an inquiry-based approach to develop students’ problem-solving skills and interest in the educational content. Since its adoption in 2008, XSEED is now used by thousands of schools across Asia.

Tech in Singapore: Everything you need to know
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